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Car Toys McKinney 7-21-07

Novice 0-500

1st  Mike P                   140.9

2nd  Stephen W            137.5

3rd  Stephanie M          136.8

4th  Seth M                   130.2

Novice 501-1000

1st  Byran L                  147.3

Pro 0-500

1st  Curtis H                 143.9

Novice Highest SPL   

Brian L         147.3

Pro Highest SPL

Curtis           149.2

Money pot winner     

Brian L         $30.00


Car Show


Import Tuner

1st   Stephanie M                      88

2nd  James P                             76

Low Riders

1st  Danielle                               77


1st  Seth M                                 92

Streer Rods

1st  Jason S                                79

Host Choice        Seth

Money Pot Winner       Danielle       $25.00

I would like to thank Dan and his team for everything thank you. 

I would like to thank every one that came out hope to see u at the next comp.


Car Toys Plano 7-14-07

Novice 0-500

1st  Michael C              135.1

Novice 501-1000

1st  Brian G                  147.3

2nd  Curtis H                146.7

Novice 1001+

1st  Bryan L                  146.3

Novice Highest SPL Brian G  147.3


    Frisco Car Toys 6-2-07

Novice 0-500

1st  Brian M             135.1

2nd  Mike C             134.7

Novice 501-1000

1st  David H            146.1

2nd  Vladimin K       140.1

3rd  Cesar B            138.9

Pro 0-500

1st  Curtis H            147.6

Pro 501-1000

1st  Daniel G           136.1

Novice Highest SPL   David H    146.1

Pro Highest SPL      Curtis H     147.6

Winner of the $35.00 Money Pot is Raelene

Car Show


1st  Trey N

2nd  Raelene S

3rd  David H


1st    Raelene S


1st  Cesar B

Import Tuners

1st  Brian M

Host Choice


Winner of the $30.00 money pot is Raelene


I would like to thank everyone that came out and a special thanks to Frisco Car Toys for everything that they done. Hope to see you at the next one in Lewisville on the 16 of June at Car Toys

Rockwall Car Toys 6-30-07

Novice 0-500

1st  Brian L           146.3

Novice 1001+

1st  Terry              141.5

Pro 0-500

1st  Michael          144.8

2nd  Ralph            144.0

3rd  Eli                  142.5

Pro 501-1000

1st  Kolt                137.0

Novice Highest Spl   Bryan   146.3

Pro Highest Spl  Michael  144.8

Car Show


1st Michael



I would like to thank everyone that came out and a thanks to The Rockwall Car Toys. Hope to see you at the next show on July 14 at Car Toys in Plano Tx